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Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park (Cedar Park)

Update: Angela in the comments (see below) said that kids under 7, with someone 12 years and up who has paid admission, may enter the otherwise restricted areas.  Had I known this, I would have happily paid admission to let my kids play everywhere, but I still would love it if there were an hour for kids just under 7 to play wherever they like.

Since my daughter found a flyer at Carter’s, we’ve awaited the news of Jumpstreet’s grand opening.  We came on day 2, and I wish Jumpstreet had been more clear on their website (or Facebook status) that this was a soft opening with two areas still unfinished.  It’s still impressive though for the 8 years and older crowd, with enough attractions to keep them entertained for a couple of hours easily if the kids don’t poop out first from exhaustion.

view of place from the check-in line

My kids (ages 6 and 3) met their cousin (age 4) at Jumpstreet.  While I stood in line to register kid names, birthdays, and sign the e-waiver forms, my nephew managed to face plant from running around so excitedly that he took a decent knock to the mouth on the carpeted floor.  Poor kid didn’t even get to play before getting whisked off to the dentist, and the Jumpstreet staff were great.  They refunded the entrance fee for him.  (Actually, I think the staff are friendly in general.)  You will want to allocate a good 5-10 minutes for check-in at the first visit.

Admission is $8 per child under 7 years old.  (The Plano location says children 3 and under are only $4, but I was charged $8 for my three year old.)  Admission will grant all day play, but if you leave, you have to pay admission again.  Outside food is not allowed so you can’t pack a lunch, and they only sell snacks (candy, chips, crackers, and drinks).   If you think your kids can tolerate more than two hours of jumping, come after lunch.  Admission for ages 8 and up varies, depending on the day ($10/2 hours on Tuesday and Thursdays, $8/first hour+$6/additional hours on Monday, Wednesday with weekend/holiday pricing at $12/first hour+$6/additional hour).  It’s definitely more expensive than the average inflatable bounce house place.

The website also mentions that jump sessions begin on the hour and half hour so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Earthquake area for kids 7 and under

Because my kids are under 7 years, they were limited to the Earthquake area.  Jumpstreet isn’t fully finished; they were without the inflatable bounce houses, said to arrive in the next day or so.  Kids under 7 are limited to just the three trampoline lanes in the Earthquake area.  There was a Jumpstreet attendant positioned at all the areas, and they do check the stickers or wrist bands to keep the under 7 crowd out of everywhere else but the Earthquake zone.  My six year old was perfectly happy to stay there as she made friends with the attendant who was sweet to play and entertain her and several other kids.

empty space that will hold about 3 inflatable bounce houses

My three year old jumped for one hour before tiring out and becoming restless.  He was royally upset that he wasn’t allowed anywhere else to play.  If he were allowed, I don’t think I could have dragged him out of the place.  Even if the inflatables were in place, I think he would be upset that he wasn’t allowed to play anywhere else.   I wish that Jumpstreet would allow one hour for kids under 7 to play in any of the courts.

one of two dodge ball courts

For those over 8 years old, this place is GREAT.  There are two dodge ball courts, one area called “Jumpstreet” open courts of wavy and straight trampoline lanes.


part of Jumpstreet that my kids happily ran on until they were told they were too young to play over there

There is also a mechanical bull and a large foam pit.  The foam pit is what did it for my three year old.  He’s been to Extreme Fun, Hoppin’ House, and gymnastics class where anyone is allowed in the foam pit, and he just didn’t get why he wasn’t allowed in the foam pit.

mechanical bull

foam pit with rope to swing into pit


There’s a large slide that is currently just MDF board that needs some slick surface put on it to make it operable, and the Jumpstreet staff told me likely it would be completed next week.  This too is only for the over 8 crowd.

There is one coin-operated tea cup ride that today was “out of order.”  There’s a four-person air hockey table that is also coin-operated, and that was almost always in use.

The jumpy areas are all enclosed behind clear walls so parents can lounge at several of the tables and seats and still keep an eye on the kids.  I did like that there were Jumpstreet employees attending to all the areas so I felt like they kept an eye on kids who certainly can become unruly.  I wasn’t able to pick up a wifi signal so I’m not sure if there will be wifi or not here.  If you bring your kids here and don’t have a data plan, bring something to read or do.

My daughter actually liked the place so much that she’s already telling me (10 months in advance) that she wants to host her birthday party here.  The party space is one large, half-walled space with many, many tables.  That place will get crowded if they have multiple parties booked.

For now, if you have a child under 8, you might hold off a couple of weeks until the inflatables are there, as I don’t think your $8 admission will get you very far unless your child will be content to play in one area.  We will be back again though in a couple of weeks once everything is put together, but I’ll just be bringing my six year old who can understand why she’s not allowed yet in the “big kids” areas.

Jumpstreet — if you see my review, please make one hour of play for just kids under seven to use everything you have there…well, maybe not the mechanical bull.  I’d hate to see my kid go flying off that thing, but everything else, I promise I’ll sign a waiver to say that my kids are playing at their own risk!

The place is new so it’s clean, well air-conditioned which will do a lot in cutting down on the stinky, sweaty kids smell in the future.  No shoes are allowed on the trampoline courts, and socks weren’t required.

Jumpstreet (near Lakeline Mall)
12617 Ridgeline
Cedar Park, TX 78613



21 Responses to “Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park (Cedar Park)”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Hm–so it’s still $8 even for the young kids who have to stay in one area? That’s unfortunate. Too much money for such limited play.

  2. Kim says:

    Not allowing my kiddo to enjoy the foam pit and the high price for limited play seems enough to keep me from visiting this place. Seems like a neat concept but if I’m gonna visit I want my kid to be able to enjoy all it has to offer….seems like there will be a lot of upset kiddos :(

  3. Angela says:

    We went by today just to check it out so we could go back next week with friends. They had (small) signs up that said Kids 7 and younger were only allowed in the other areas with someone 12 or older (like a paying adult.) My youngest is 7 so I was also disappointed for him until I saw the signs.

  4. Julia says:

    No one told me that (or rather I didn’t see the sign), or I would have happily paid admission for myself to take my children into the older area!

  5. Robyn says:

    Kids under 3 (not sure if it is 3 and under) are only 4 bucks. That will be a great price when they have bounce houses up. I’m not sure how many other people are crazy enough to have 2 walking kids under 3 though: )

  6. B says:

    Wow! That place looks infinitely awesome, though way overpriced, IMHO.

  7. Julia says:

    My son is three, and they had his age marked in the system as three. We were still charged $8 for his admission. I did see the $4 admission online, but the website says Plano location only. I don’t know if they will change that for Austin, or maybe the $4 is just under three (excluding three)?

  8. mitzi says:

    Well I have a 5 yr old and 11 yr old and I completely understand the logic behind NOT allowing little kiddos into the foam pit. I can’t imagine my 5 yr old in a pit full of foam rubber that could sometime reach over his head and then he gets smacked by a 12 yr old that has just just off a swing rope. He wouldn’t be able to get up! Therefore, possibly sufficating from the foam, no thank you! Call me protective but can you imagine the lawsuits they have to think about.

  9. Julia says:

    I understand the logic as well, but I would hope that a child who is allowed to play in the foam pit, a parent would be within arms reach. I suppose not all parents are nearly as diligent.

  10. Rachel says:

    How disappointing! I’ve been waiting for them to open and to find out that 2 of my 3 kids won’t be happy there is sad news, indeed! I do hope they realize that there are a LOT of kids under 8 in Cedar Park and that they’ll be missing out on a big chunk o’change to not make a time for them, even if only on weekdays when their target audience is in school.

  11. Cathy says:

    I’m glad there is a place for big kids to play! My twins are 12 and can’t go in most of the inflatable places anymore, so this will be great. And my daughter is almost 9 and does gymnastics, so she’ll have a blast on the trampolines. My youngest is 5 and will be limited to the other areas, but I think he’ll be fine with that as he loves bounce houses.

  12. Nelly says:

    I took my 8 year old daughter. She loved it. But she was the youngest there and I just didn’t feel safe letting her jump with 15-19 year old kids. We went in the evening 5pm and the place was full of teenagers. My daughter didn’t mind them at all but I really think this place is more appropriate for 10+crowd. Even if they allow kids under 7 with someone over 10 or an adult, it’s still not safe if there are way too many teenagers jumping around and not really watching out for little kids.

  13. Margaret says:

    Took my two boys (10 and 11) to Jumpstreet today. We arrived at 9:50 with the hopes that they would be jumping at 10:00 and get a full 2 hours of fun for the $10 / 2 hours Tuesday. Unfortunately, the lines were so big, they didn’t get to start off until 10:10. I asked if they would get 10 extra minutes and I was told that the only option they had was to wait until 10:30 to start. After waiting in line for 20 minutes, they had no interest in waiting longer! They both enjoyed the trampolines and the foam pit. I paid the extra $3 for them to be able to do the foam pit and mechanical bull, etc. I had an issue with the Dodgeball trampoline area, as there were teenagers (at least 15 years old) mixed in with little guys. Thus, the game was a bit scary at times. I asked management if it was normal to have such wide age ranges in that area. The manager told me that when he has more staff, he is able to separate the ages (there are 2 Dodgeball courts) – but, at that time there was not enough staff to do so. (So, one of the courts was closed.)

    My 10 year old gave the place a “6” on a scale from 1-10 (10 being best). My 11 year old gave the place a “9”. (Both of them could have kept jumping for more hours.) Total cost for 2 HOURS: $33.39 ($13 + tax per kid, $1.75 x 3 for drinks). I give the place a “7” – it is clean and an awesome idea. However, the 2 hour limit plus not allowing outside food/beverages (not even water!) discourages me from bringing the kids often.

  14. Kendra says:

    I took my six year old daughter and her friend on Friday afternoon. I paid an additional three dollars for each of them to participate in the slide and the maze in addition to the the “Little Earthquake” area and the one jump castle they have there now. That added up to 9 dollars each for the one hour, before tax, but they got lots of exercise and had a good time.

    I took my 10 and 13 year old sons to the two hour “junior teen” time segment on Friday from 6 to 8. I knew to bring them a good twenty minutes early and we actually didn’t have to stand in line very long. Then they got to jump while hundred of other young teens waited in line. Although the two hour time slot was “only” $12 each, a wrist band to do the other activities–the maze, the foam pit, etc. was an an additional three dollars again. So I paid a little over 15 dollars for each of them. They had a good time, but if they had had to wait in that line that would have been a deal breaker for them.

  15. Thank you for the great information on this place. I’m hoping to take my 4.5 year old and 2 year old there soon now that school is in session and they hopefully have more than one bounce house.

    Are the “off limits” areas actually blocked off with a walls/doors? My 2 year old loves to explore “forbidden” places (like behind counters of stores) and if I have to spend the entire time blocking her, it would get old really fast.

  16. Josh L. says:

    All the reviews on here were WAY more helpful and informative than Yelp! I honestly don’t trust that website much anymore since most the reviewers on it seem to be the kind that just like to complain without offering anything constructive. I took my kids there a week ago on a Saturday and they loved it! We did have to wait in line for 15 or so minutes which annoyed me at first but when I got to the front and asked why the line to my right was moving so much faster the cashier said that it was the line for returning jumpers and that the line I was in was for new jumpers who all needed to fill out a waiver “roughly taking about 2-3minutes/ family” and that I would be in the returning jumper lane next time. After she told me this I understood since a place like this has to have pretty intense liabilities/ insurance costs. I read this review before going and asked the manager about the 8 and above policy for the fun pass area and he said a month or so back they were able to change it to anyone above the age of 4 after hearing all that the parents had to say and a lot of negotiating with the insurance company. Also, they now have 2 giant inflatables! One’s a regular bounce house type and the other is a giant crocodile that the kids can climb up the middle and slide down the side. The price on the weekend was a little high for my 7 and under kids to jump for an hour but after noticing that the weekday price is an all day price I’m most definitely bring them back then! Over all it was a great place for the kids to run around. They just need more seating for parents and in my opinion the music was a little loud

  17. Morgan says:

    Planning on taking my 16 & 14 year old girls and 10 & 9 year old boys on Friday. All I am worried about is crowding considering it’s the day after a holiday. None of mine are under an age restriction and I think my older girls are more excited 😀 Prices are a tad high but we can deal, and find out if it is worth it.

  18. Jen says:

    We have been twice now, and they only charge $4 for all day for kids three and under. Mom’s jump free,and if it’s not crowded, they are not confide o the Erthquake area as long as they are supervised. We have a last there!

  19. Beverly says:

    It is not a good place for 7 yr olds. Seems if you are younger or older it is a good place. My 7 yr old grandson was very disappointed and so was I after spending $11. half ot the “store” is for 7 and below – the other half for 8 and above. Well – he was in the middle. One side had toddlers and he felt too big and the other side where he wanted to be was off limits.

  20. Claire says:

    Umm does it have to be under 7? Because I’m 9 and wondered.

  21. jay smitty says:

    Went to pick my daughter up form this place and when I entered there was some man behind the counter yelling at one of the girls that worked there and when he was confronted by a customer he got very rude and belligerent and disrespectful with the customer. I will not be back!!!!!!

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