Friday, July 3, 2015

Date Night: Gold Class Cinemas

Truly it is a rare event for me and hubby to have date night.  I have been wanting to check out Gold Class Cinemas in the Domain for a while now, but I had a hard time swallowing the near $30 ticket price per person.  Finally for my birthday, I decided that this is what I wanted to do because I wanted to see Black Swan.  Since it was a birthday wish, hubby couldn’t say no to either, especially to Black Swan.  (The man still hasn’t forgiven me for dragging him to Chicago since musicals and dance films do not set his heart aflutter.  No sir.)

Hubby reserved tickets online, and even though he registered as a member, there was no discount on tickets.  Online reservation indicated two open pairs of seats, but he was not able to choose which seats.  We got the front row, right corner pair.  As it turns out, I don’t think there is one bad seat really in the theater, and they are all in pairs.

Upon arriving, we went to the “check-in station” where we started a tab on a credit card.  Flanking each side of the check-in area are lounges with comfy seats.  We couldn’t decide if we should order our drinks and food early (since we arrived 45 minutes ahead of time).  It was a nice night out so we took a quick walk around the Domain outside and came back 10 minutes prior to movie start instead of hanging out in the lounge. We know next time that we don’t need to show up early like we would if we wanted good seats at a regular theater.

A staff person walked us to our seats, and it felt like we were flying first class the minute we were in the theater.  The waitstaff were courteous and stealthy quick, bringing us pillows and blankets.  Hubby and I adjusted our seats to near full recline and decided against it since the seats were far too comfortable.  We’d be asleep before the movie even started.  I ordered an iced mocha latte, just in case I got too comfy in the seats.  Did I mention they were comfortable?

We ordered beer battered onion rings, fajita quesadillas, and the Cuban sandwich.  Food was actually pretty decent, and most of the entrees were priced around $11-$16, which was surprising since I expected food prices to be outrageously higher.  Shortly after the movie started, two bags of popcorn appeared. Overall, the entire night including tickets and food, we spent about $85 plus babysitting.

That’s still a pretty penny for date night, but a friend said that had we gone to dinner and a “regular” movie, we would have had to pay the babysitter an extra two hours to do both separately.  This way, we get to enjoy both at the same time, pay more for the tickets, but have that difference partially made up in having to pay a babysitter less.  I love that logic.  :-)  It’s still not cheap, but I would recommend Gold Class Cinemas for a special date night.  (Interestingly, there is a family restroom so maybe, just maybe for an early show, I might take the older child there for a birthday movie.)

Gold Class Cinemas
3225 Amy Donovan Plaza
Austin, TX
(512) 568-3400


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