Monday, February 8, 2016

Wazoo’s (South Austin)

Wazoo’s is another of Austin’s many indoor inflatable bounce house places, and we just discovered it this weekend.  It is near Southpark Meadows, tucked away in an industrial warehouse off of Cullen, near Slaughter and IH-35.  If we weren’t specifically going out of our way to find Wazoo’s, I’m not sure that we would have ever noticed it just driving around the area.

The entrance and parking lot are on the backside of the building, away from the street.  There’s ample parking, and we were surprised that for a Saturday mid-afternoon, the parking lot wasn’t absolutely packed.  That actually worked out great for our kids since they were able to play with a little more elbow room.

The interior is brightly lit, clean, and colorful with the castle-themed wall murals.  The inflatables are all in good condition with only the entrance to the large caterpillar inflatable a little bit worn, which is just cosmetic.  Most of the inflatables are large obstacle courses with just two on the main floor that would be easy for toddlers to use.  There is not a “regular” bounce house, as in an enclosed square, for just the purpose of bouncing.

There is a small, walled off area for toddlers.  When I saw this area, I told hubby right away that it looked like the owners of Wazoo’s had purchased some of the climbing pieces from the now closed Radijazz!  (We’re still mourning the loss of Radijazz.)  There is the divided slide, the canoe, the rock, and alligator.  If it didn’t come from Radijazz, then it’s from the same vendor.  There is also a small inflatable bouncy, perfect for toddlers.  My two year old loved this area, especially the Radijazz-type structures. (He also liked the basketball hoop wedged between two inflatables.)

The toddler area is immediately adjacent to the concession area with plentiful seating.  Most of the snacks are $1 per item.  I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the concession offerings because it was almost all sugary items.  I don’t mind my kids having some candy, but it was a tough sell for them to munch on the crackers that I brought with us when the display case looked like Willy Wonka’s. Outside food is allowed in the concession area.  Also above the concession area is a huge movie projection screen, though it wasn’t playing anything that afternoon.

There are three separate party spaces that have the half wall.  One party space is completely walled off with just the door way.

The only criticism I have is the layout of the inflatables.  Because most of them are so large, I’m not sure if logistically there is a better configuration.  Where some of the other inflatable places keep the blowers against the wall or at least back to back, several of the blowers are actually in the pathway where the kids run and walk.  Nobody got hurt or tripped up on the power cords, but my curious two year old did keep walking over to the fans (adequately covered) and trying to touch them.

Overall, we thought Wazoo’s was a great place for older kids because of the type of inflatables they have.  Where nearby Loco-Motion and Goin’ Bananas are better suited for younger kids, the majority of Wazoo’s is better for ages 5-10.  I liked that several Wazoo’s attendants walked around the facility to keep an eye on unruly kids.  My kids said they liked the restroom because there is one stall with a toddler size potty. :-)

Admission is $8 per child, with no specification of age.  There is a 175 lb weight limit.

8816 Cullen Lane
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 282-JUMP (5867)


3 Responses to “Wazoo’s (South Austin)”
  1. Natalie Coti-White says:

    Visited Wazoo’s Austin on Cullen Drive in South Austin with my boys this past Veteran’s Day 2011. My 9 year old son’s brand new shoes were stolen. Contacted the owner and left my information in case the shoes were taken by mistake and returned. Sent several e-mails, stopped by the facility and NEVER rcv a return phone call or e-mail offering an apology or explanation. Apparently, the owner does not care if items are stolen from children. My son walked out in socks and tears. .. what a shame! I will never go back and I warn others .. BEWARE!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love Wazoo’s! I don’t think they had anything to do with the other kids shoes being stolen so I hope no shame comes to them. I go often and Its usually really clean. The staff is really nice every time we go. The bathrooms are even clean when we go. I enjoy Wazoo’s every time I bring my family. I’ve never had any problems that the staff started or could not handle. I don’t think we should use sites like this to let go of misplaced aggression. Say what they claim to offer and if they do offer it. Other than that keep it to yourself.

  3. russellrich says:

    this was one of the most dangerous places I have ever been in. I did not know what I was getting into, with all the kids running, I do mean running, even though the sign says not too. With the mixed sizes of kids in all the inflatables, and ESPECIALLY absolutely no supervision. Only 2 people working that day, not even enough to watch the floor as the kids ran by and the big kids pushed their way by the younger ones. When I did address the issue, I was assured that I and only I have gave a complaint, no one else sees the issues. Then a young child got the face busted coming out of the bathroom as a kid ran by.
    The waiver you sign can not hold up in court if there is not enough supervision on the floor. BE WARE.

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