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Junie B. Jones

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For the past few weeks, we have been reading Junie B. Jones books to our daughter before bedtime, and my 4 year old just thinks that Junie B. is the silliest girl on the planet.  Silly is not something to be emulated, according to my kid.  I am glad she thinks that because the first time that I read one of these books to her, I found myself cringing a little bit at all the name calling.  In the words of my sister-in-law, Junie B. Jones has a “fresh mouth.”

The name calling is no worse than the typical elementary jabs like stupid and dumb, but nevertheless, my somewhat sheltered child has ever yet to utter these two words in my presence, anyhow.  In fact, she asked me what it meant, and when explained to her, she brushed it off as “That’s not very nice to say!”

The books are written for kindergarten to early elementary aged children so the language reflects even the grammatical eccentricities of a young kid.  I find myself correcting Junie B’s speech as I am reading the books aloud to my child, not intentionally, but it just happens.  I do purposely leave out some of the name-callling though when I read the books to my kiddo, and I can only get away with it when we are reading at bedtime as my daughter’s eyes are closed and not following along with me. :-)

In spite of all that, I do find the Junie B. books entertaining, and that is always a plus when I have to read aloud to my kid.  (Oh, believe me, I’ve fallen asleep a few times reading to her some snoozers of children’s literature, so entertaining is good in my book.)  I am looking forward to finishing all the Junie B. books so I can move on to something more…vintage…interesting, like Encyclopedia Brown.  Alas, there are a zillion Junie B. Jones books, and we are only halfway done.  My daughter loves them, so…too bad for me.

Do you have a children’s book series that you and your child find enjoyable?  Please share!


3 Responses to “Junie B. Jones”
  1. Kim Mills says:

    My Son and I are reading the Encyclopedia Brown books. I think it’s lost on him a bit. It’s old style speech and he doesn’t really get the “figuring out the problem” but he likes them anyway. We read Junie B with my oldest and she also loved them. I also found myself correcting Junie’s speech. LOL, guess it’s just that way for moms.

  2. Victoria says:

    “Stupid” and “dumb” really don’t bug me, as long as my kiddos know not to call people names. They can think school or busses are stupid, say that cars are ugly, etc. Hell, they hear me say that kind of stuff, and sometimes worse .. I’d rather read a book with kids talking like kids than one about Barbie or Princesses anyday.

    I’ll have to grab one of these for my big girl – I bet she’ll get a kick out of it :)

  3. Julia says:

    The name calling is usually directed at one boy character in the class. I think your big girl would really like Junie B.

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