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Winner! Sippy Straw Cleaner review and GIVEAWAY!

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image copyright of Sippy Straw Cleaner.

image copyright of Sippy Straw Cleaner.

Local Austin mama Jennifer Reyes is the brainchild behind the award winning Sippy Straw Cleaner, an invention I think every parent should have.  She created the Sippy Straw Cleaner after getting tired of throwing away sippy straw cups that couldn’t be cleaned properly.  I used to have similar capillary test tube cleaners for labwork, and I’ve thought several times that I wished I had one still to clean out my kid’s sippy cups, especially the ones that are forgotten in the car and get that nasty slimy film.  Even if I got a hold of one now, it would cost me more money to buy that than a Sippy Straw Cleaner.

The cleaner is a thin (but sturdy) twisted wire with bristles small enough to clean the average sippy straws.  I test tried the cleaner.  Awesome. I only had a harder time with one cup that had an unusually thin straw, and I can’t think of any cleaning brushes that would clean that out.

After some mentioned that Dr. Brown’s cleaners and the Wilton cleaning tips served similar function, I set out to test them against the Sippy Straw Cleaner.  The Wilton’s tip cleaner works great for larger diameter straws, and it is wider than the Sippy Straw Cleaner and Dr. Brown’s.  Dr. Brown’s flow cleaning brush is shorter so I wasn’t able to use it on the full length of a longer straw, though I’d recommend Dr. Brown’s over the Wilton cleaner unless you bake and decorate a lot.  The Sippy Straw Cleaner has a plastic handle that makes it easier to hold than all three, and package prices (not unit) are about the same.  I would still pick the Sippy Straw Cleaner over the alternatives.  I like that an Austin mama invented this, and if I am going to buy something like it, I’d rather shop local! :-)

Sippy Straw Cleaners are sold online ($3.98 + shipping), and I have since purchased a few as gifts.  Retail establishments can also inquire about wholesale orders through the Sippy Straw Cleaner website.

To find out more about the inventor Jennifer Reyes, listen to an interview that Jennifer did with Austin podcasters Musing Mommies.


The winner is AustinMochi!

The winner is AustinMochi!

Thanks to Sippy Straw Cleaner we have one to give away!

1.  Leave a comment telling us how many sippy straw cups that you have thrown away because you couldn’t clean it.

2. To get one more entry, tweet about this giveaway.  Leave a separate comment.

3.  For a third entry, blog about this giveaway.  Leave a separate comment with a link to the blog.

Entrants must be 18 years or older and reside within the continental US.  Comment entries must be received before February 28, 2010 by 11:59 CST.  A winner will be drawn randomly from the comment entries and announced the following week.

Disclaimer: Sippy Straw Cleaner is an advertisor on Little Austinite, but the give away and review were established prior to the advertising, which has no influence on the review.


12 Responses to “Winner! Sippy Straw Cleaner review and GIVEAWAY!”
  1. Erin says:

    Too many…….ewwww!!

  2. Shannon says:

    So far we only have a couple of straw cups BECAUSE they’re so hard to clean. I hate throwing stuff away so I just avoid them altogether. I would definitely buy more if they were easier to clean.

  3. AustinMochi says:

    I’ve run the straws through the dishwasher, and they seemed to have come out pretty clean, but I’d like to be able to scrub them on the fly whenever I want, instead of waiting for a full load. Haven’t tossed out any cups b/c of dirty straws, but b/c the boy has chewed/bitten into them — and the most current count is 4.

  4. LauraPage says:

    Seriously this product would have saved me about 10 sippy cups that I threw away because the straw was dirty!. Love it and just in time for my third who will be using those cups soon :)

  5. Lucy says:

    I had to throw out 3 at once because the straw was just disgusting on all three. And I try to clean them out frequently! I never leave them with water and have on limited occasions used then for flavored drinks, since they tend to form mold faster. But even then I’d peek in and see gross buildup. I have been looking for something like this for QUITE some time now.

  6. Lucy says:

    RT: Little Austinite is giving away one Sippy Straw Cleaner. Check out their Contests section for more info. @LittleAustinite

  7. kara says:

    Probably 4 or 5 so far! love this idea!!

  8. Simone says:

    I haven’t thrown out any. We usually run them through the dishwasher, but this would be great for quick cleans. Thanks!

  9. Blanche Wymore says:

    Oh man! I am on baby number four, so there is no way I can remember, but it is A LOT!

  10. Julie Heth says:

    I own and operate a in-home registered daycare. I think this cleaner is a great idea and would save my business expenses a ton of money. We go through straws like crazy here and there doesn’t seem to be a tiny brush that fits just perfect in there, Until now! Woohooo!!

  11. Kela Foster says:

    I’ve thrown away 2 so far. Were on our 3rd right now. So far cleaning it has been a nightmare. Thats why I stopped buying them. If the brush cleaner truly works i’d be glad to buy some for our house and friends with toddlers as well.

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