Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kinningham Park (Round Rock)


We recently visited Kinningham Park which we have not been since 2005, for no other reason than it is far from our house, but our kids actually quite like this park. There’s nothing spectacular about the playscapes, fairly standard issue climbing structures; it just feels like a serene place to hang out, even though the road is visible from the park.  It is immaculately maintained and open so it is easy to keep an eye on kids.  Kinningham is tucked near an established neighborhood just off of Gattis School, not far from Kaleidoscope Toys that we think is fantastic.


rentable through the City of Round Rock for parties

The park has an older home with a wrap around porch that makes this park feel like you’re playing in someone’s grand backyard. The house may be rented through the City of Round Rock, and when not in use, it is locked except for one restroom. This is an accessible restroom for day park visitors.  The house has two large rooms and a kitchen, great for hosting larger parties.

a peek inside one of the rooms in the house

a peek inside one of the rooms in the house

larger playscape

larger playscape

Kinningham has a large multipurpose field, a set of swings, and two playscapes, a larger one and a smaller one. The larger one is enclosed enough that an adventurous toddler could get up there safely without tumbling off so it is nice that actually there are two playscapes that even the youngest kids can enjoy. That is not always the case at every park. The playground also has a small triceratops statue similar to one found at the toddler playground at Old Settlers Park.

smaller playscape

smaller playscape

Because there are quite a few trees at the park, my kids had fun chasing the many squirrels.  The trees would be great for shade in the summertime.  This would be a good picnic park with the benches and grills.

swings and dino climbing structure

Kinningham Park
1000 South Creek Drive
Round Rock, TX 78664

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