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Kim’s Magic Pop, freshly made puffed cakes

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Magic Pop puffed cakes are sold, stacked in bags and popped on site.

Magic Pop puffed cakes are sold, stacked in bags and popped on site.

We were making our way around the Central Market maze, and when we rounded the corner from the deli there was a crowd of people hovering around a stand.  There was a man operating some machine like this was a circus sideshow act.  Of course, the kids, hubby, and I had to stop and rubberneck.

There was a stainless steel looking table top machine, about the size of HEB’s coffee grinders, spitting out disks of something.  We had no idea what it was, but each time the disk shot out of the machine, it made this popping noise not unlike the optometrist doing that eye puff test.  We grabbed a sample along with a scoop of Nutella from the communal table.

I grabbed a bag for a look.  “Made with wheat, brown rice, and corn.”  Huh.  A puffed, multigrain snack cake.  The texture looked like Japanese rice crackers for babies that my grandmother used to buy for my daughter, but puffier and the size of a tortilla.  The  taste is a cross between a traditional rice cake and popcorn.  By itself, it is bland but toasty in a Cheerios sort of way.  Each Magic Pop cake is 15 calories, with no preservatives, and they are popped fresh at the store.  How fun!

My little guy loved them.  Absolutely loved them.  They melt easily in the mouth.  My daughter wasn’t so convinced.  She was still eyeing the popping machine suspiciously, but when she did come around to taking a bite, she loved them too.  We grabbed a bag of Kim’s Magic Pop to take home.

My daughter tripped on the way out of the store, and her hand hit a sidewalk bench.  The puffed cake smashed into a zillion pieces, and I swear if she hit it just right, the thing would just vaporize.  Kim’s Magic Pops are definitely a fun, low calorie little snack.

We have never seen a Kim’s Magic Pop stand anywhere else, but they do have it at Central Market.  Watching these get popped is half the fun.

Original Flavor: unbleached wheat flour, rice flour, tapicoa starch, white corn flour, water, sugar, soy lecithin, long grain parboiled brown rice, rice powder, salt, soybean oil, natural flavor, stevia (natural sweetener)

Does anyone know where else you can buy these things in the Austin area?


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  1. these are so great…I’m having one as I type w/ a little smear of nutella.

  2. Julia says:

    Do you know of anywhere else besides Central Market that pops these things?

  3. I don’t…we purchased them at CM last time we were there. They have a great shelf life. I looked at the website, but it wasn’t much help re: where to purchase.

  4. Kim's Magic Pop says:

    Thanks for the great review on our product!

    We are gradually expanding our offerings to Texas through H-E-B Stores.

    We just started one H-E-B store this past week in Houston. If you have any

    question of comments about the product please feel free to email us at


  5. Jenine Park says:

    Hello, everyone.
    This is Jenine from Kim’s Magic Pop.
    I thank you for your interests in our product.
    Kim’s magic pop is very fresh and healthy snack that everyone likes.
    If you have any questions regarding our product, please let me know.
    We also have Deli Pop, Chocolate Deli Pop, and Mini Pop as well.
    I hope you guys can meet our product in your local area!

    Thank you agian.

    Jenine Park
    Delice Global, Inc.
    4 Caesar Pl.
    Moonachie NJ 07074
    Tel. 201-438-0300

  6. I love these but I don’t have a Central Market near me. Can we purchase these to make at home? Please please have more stores carry these wonderful snacks.

  7. MacKenzie says:


    My two year old is obsessed with magic pop with peanut butter or nutella! He will not eat a traditional peanut butter sandwich! It was to be with magic pop! I have only found it at the south location Central market. Which is sad because we live down here in South Austin and are planning on moving up to North Austin and I don’t want to have to drive clear across Austin for my Magic PoP!

  8. Tracy Avery says:

    My sister in Houston introduced me to Magic pops, we both LOVE them. i live near San Antonio, Texas. Is there anyplace to get them in San Antonio? Please let me know, soon. Would love to purchase more and keep a stock in the house…

  9. Julia says:

    Check Central Market.

  10. Christi says:

    I bought these at the Central Market in Plano Tx. LOVE them!! There is not a Central Market near me but I called the store in Plano and they mailed me 25 bags! What great customer service!!!!!!!

  11. Tracy says:

    Where can I buy them? I tried them in TX but I live in MN. Help. I love them!!

  12. Renee says:

    I don’t know about Austin, but we buy ours at our local HEB plus here in San Antonio. They’re amazing!

  13. Doreen says:

    Where can I find these in the South Burlington, VT area? They are amazing!!

  14. Triston says:

    The new HEB on Pin Oak and I-10 in Katy are popping them fresh daily!!

  15. Delilah says:

    The HEB in Kyle has these now! They were serving samples of Magic Pop with the HEB chicken salad. Deeelish!

  16. Lucille says:

    Love the Magic Pops, found them in NJ visiting. Does anyone sell them in North Carolina or Internet ordering?

  17. Patricia says:

    Hi all. If you are in San Antonio, try the fairly new HEB (ALON) on NW Militray Dr in Castle Hills. It is a really lovely HEB, very much like Central market.. Their machine had been broken for a bit, but I just called them and it is up and running again, turning out the wonderful Magic Pops.
    We love them..They are great with peaunut butter, tuna fish,pimiento spread, syrup, or just plain. I could go on and on. I love them..

  18. Just heard about these wonderful snacks. Could you tell me where they can be purchased. I live in Ohio.


  19. Catherine A. Dawson says:

    Visted in San Diego and was introduced to this wonderful exchange for bread. Pls tell me if I may purchase Magic Pop in Virginia Beach or what is the closest place. I am a diabetic and would love to introduce this to several of my friends.

  20. sue goldstein says:

    Just discovered your product at my kid’s house in NY. Where can I find them in Michigan. I noticed Birmingham, Michigan noted above. That would be very convenient. Do you also sell the machine?

    Pls send me info

  21. Laurie Kean says:

    I found them at the Whole Foods in Andover, MA. Does anyone know if there are any other stores in MA that carry them?

  22. mary lynn says:

    Love them. Healthy…I take WW cream cheese and put on one with two slices low fat low sodium ham…I also use them to bread chicken strips and fry them in or with 1 T OVO,and healthy seasonings…Yummy…I am sure I will come up with many more ideas. They have a great taste and will take this over any rice cake any day

  23. ebpcanimal says:

    These things are a Korean snack called ppeongtwigi (literally, a popped thing that makes a “pong” sound). In the U.S. they’re sold in every Korean grocery store and many other Asian markets, sometimes in sizes as big as a steering wheel and stacked in bags as long as your toddler is tall. But they’re usually made using giant industrial machines in Korea and imported here by cargo ship, so by the time you get to enjoy them they’ve become somewhat bland and stale. We’ve tried the locally made Magic Pop version (from the salad bar at Nugget Markets in the Sacramento area) and it definitely tastes “fresher.” Also the recipe seems to be unique, with a nuttier texture and subtle sweetness that comes from stevia instead of the usual sugar or malt syrup. It’s almost twice as expensive as Quaker Rice Cakes, but about the same as what you’d pay for the imported versions and other snacks from Korea or Japan.

  24. Donna Friedman says:

    My sister-in-law lives in Jacksonville,Florida and was up visiting us in Massachusetts and had an opportunity to taste my (Kim”s) rice cakes and LOVED them!!! Where can she purchase them in her area??????

  25. Mandy says:

    We just bought some at Costco in VA today. There was a demonstration going on. My 2 little boys were entertained by the POP POP…my 18 month old LOVED the taste so did we!

  26. alejandro bojorquez says:

    i really like it your product I’m from mexico but actually I”m living in houston tx and i want to buy your machine and your products because i guess in mexico could be a success and i want (if is possible) to be a part of this, so if is possible to buy a franchise or the machine please send me information thank’s

  27. Julia says:

    Alejandro – You’ll want to contact Kim’s Magic Pop directly for their wholesale information.

  28. Angela says:

    For all of you North Austinites out there; the HEB at FM 620 and Anderson Mill sell them. They have plain, onion, cinammon, cheddar cheese, and strawberry. Although, the chef did say the strawberry ones were a limited edition when I was there a few weeks ago.

  29. Jen says:

    Angela … Thanks so much for the info on the North Austin HEB location. I purchased the strawberry and cinnamon magic pops while visiting in Katy, Texas and was hoping to find them locally. Can’t wait to stop by on my way from work to pick up a new stash. I’ve also sampled the cheddar and they taste like cheddar popcorn – yummy!!!

  30. Barbara Levine says:

    We now sell these at the Stop and Shop in Miller Place New York…nobody has been disappointed. They are a hit.

  31. Cindy Vela says:

    I am soooo disappointed becuase i was in San Antonio this past weekend and tasted three flavors of your magic pop. I Loved them and so do my daugthers. I am on a low carb lifestyle so they are perfect. I called my local HEB in Mcallen, Texas and was told that the Rio Grande Valley HEB would not be carrying them. I do travel to Corpus Christi. Do you have them their instead of having to order them throught the internet and pay freight. I would like to try them all.

  32. Michael from Ohio says:

    Every Super Krogers I’ve been in has the machine and sells them. Not sure if they are in your area, but I figured I’d mention it.

  33. myrna says:

    is there place anywhere in florida that carries your products

  34. mickey hughes says:

    i want to purchase a machine and the recipe! is there any franchise info or info on where i can buy it?

  35. Karen Wille says:

    I tried this product while in New york, now that I like them, wish I knew where to find in Pinellas County Florida? Please advise



  36. karen Wille says:

    Where can I order this product, please advise as I live in Clearwater Florida and cannot find the product.



  37. kAREN WINCH says:

    I’m another Karen!! I first found the pops at the HEB on Buffalo Speedway in Houston (all flavors), Krogers on Kirby (original), and Central Market (1-2 flavors). I love them and they have become a big part of my weight loss diet. I do not live in Houston so when I had to leave, I bought over 40 bags to last until the next visit to the doctor there! When I went back and again bought a large number, the cashier asked me what I did with them!!! I spread the 0 calorie 0 carb jelly from Walden Farms and it’s like having a great dessert.

    I live in Laredo, but also go to San Antonio. Is there a site in San Antonio, TX, and more importantly are there plans for Laredo? I keep having to share my “stash” with friends!!!

    Thanks…and hope you respond!! Going to San Antonio in one day and have promised others I will buy for them if I can find an HEB or other store that sells several flavors! Thanks!

  38. Twyla says:

    They sell these at the HEB up in Leander. So, if you are moving north, there is another location!!

    I too would love to be able to order these someway. My mom lives in East Texas and would sure love access to them!!

    They are awesome! We like all of the flavors!

  39. Christina says:

    Do these contain GMOs?

  40. Kim says:

    I love them! I live in Colorado, anyone know where I can buy them here?

  41. Linda says:

    What is the “natural flavorings”? Is is MSG???

  42. Marie Patalano says:

    I recently purchased chocolate covered rice cakes and was wondering if they were gluten free.

  43. Julia says:

    You’ll want to contact the makers of Kim’s Magic Pop directly to find out information about the ingredients.

  44. sue marquardt says:

    bought magic pops in hyvee in iowa. is there any place in wics that carries them or can we open a franchise here???????

  45. karen says:

    they make and sell them here in Boerne at the HEB. I love them all but the honey wheat is my favorite. I love that I can eat them and still lose weight!

  46. James says:

    I second the GMO question. And the natural flavoring question.

    These taste great but we need answers to these important questions before we buy more.

    P.s. If they are non gmo then label them as such. Your sales will jump!

  47. Julia says:

    We just review products and services. If you have specific questions about the product, contact the company!

  48. catherine says:

    Majic Pops can be ordered from Amazon

  49. Sally says:

    I love them so much that I get them sometimes gt tham and I love the strawberry favor


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