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Jump ‘N Climb, indoor playground (CLOSED)

exterior of Jump 'N Climb

exterior of Jump 'N Climb

hanging pockets to hold shoes

hanging pockets to hold shoes

Behind IKEA and facing the Steak ‘n Shake in the University Oaks shopping center, is Jump ‘N Climb, the newest indoor playground for kids in Round Rock.  We recently made a trip out to Jump ‘N Climb on a weekday morning shortly after opening, and my kids practically had the place to themselves.  Compared to the other indoor jumpy places, Jump ‘N Climb is not as large of a space, so it was difficult to judge how the space would absorb a larger weekend crowd.

This is a socks only play area, and parents need socks too if climbing into structures to help children.  There is a cart with hanging pockets to put shoes near the entrance.

gigantic frog inflatable that

There is essentially one very large jumping structure made of two separate components that are adjoined together.  One half of the jumping structure is a gigantic inflatable frog (imported from Spain, I believe is what the attendant told me) that looks to be a blast for older kids.  The frog’s mouth deflates a little to open all the way, revealing large climbing steps, and then the frog’s mouth inflates again, lifting up the kids nearly to the top of the ceiling.  The kids then slide down the frog and out the back.  My 4 year old so badly wanted to try this “ride,” but the height of this thing got the best of her.  We recently went to a birthday party where she finally climbed up into the frog, and she thought the frog was a blast once she got over her initial fear.

other half of large bouncy inflatable structure

other half of large bouncy inflatable structure

The other half of the jumpy thing is a covered wagon on a slant, but once up on top, the wagon does not connect to anything.  Kids have to tip the wagon over to slide down on the other slide.   Here, the bouncy houses are not individual moonwalks with enclosed wall spaces so I don’t really feel that this would be a great place for very young children who want to jump if there are many older kids on it.  The inflatables span the entire length of the building, and the plastic is slippery with socks.  It didn’t seem to bother all the kids when we went for the birthday party.

baby and toddler area

gated baby and toddler area, in front of enclosed cafe

What is great about Jump ‘N Climb is that they have three age appropriate climbing structures with plastic ball pits.  Each has a height measurement sign posted at the entrance.  The smallest climbing structure has large soft foam pieces and a small ball pit that is perfect for the babies 2 and under.  The medium climbing structure is great for active toddlers up to probably no more than 5 years old.  The medium playscape has a rotating foam piece that acts as a gate and second entrance into and out of the ball pit, where the kids then climb up a small foam incline to a small slide that goes into the ball pit.

medium sized climbing structure

medium sized climbing structure

The largest climbing structure is supposed to be for ages 5 and up.  There is one way to climb up on the alternating steps like you would find on many of the McDonald’s playground structures, and I thought that the distance between the steps was a little smaller than the McD’s playgrounds.  Once up, there are tight rope areas and other “obstacle course” like spaces.  Kids can also slide down a twisted chute into a ball pit, the largest of all the climbing areas.  That big slide is fast.

upper part of the largest climbing structure

upper part of the largest climbing structure

largest climbing structure's ball pit

largest climbing structure's ball pit

partlally enclosed party area

partlally enclosed party area

Jump ‘N Climb also has its own cafe area, and like some of the other inflatable indoor playground places with its own food, you cannot bring outside food or drinks in here though a reader said that the policy has now changed to outside food allowed Tuesday through Friday.   Connected to the cafe is the single party area that may be reserved.  The current party prices are $19.99 per child, which includes admission, pizza, corn dogs, or chicken nuggets, drinks (soda and water), goodie bags.  Online the information says that the birthday party package includes cake, but a friend who recently booked a party says that the information is incorrect online, that cake is not included.  The price for children under 2 is $5.41, because little kids would not fully participate in all the birthday party package inclusions.  Jump ‘N Climb also offers food trays in addition to the standard food.  A friend who booked a birthday party here said that she received a 15% discount so inquire about the birthday admission discount.

My kids liked Jump ‘N Climb so much that I considered while we were there playing to book a party for my youngest. What stopped me from doing it was when I counted the number of children that we would want to invite, the price quickly added up to a larger amount than I would want to spend, taking into account the extra food trays for the accompanying parents. For smaller parties though, i think that this place would be a good choice, especially since there are accessible areas for even the youngest kids.

Admission is $11 for kids ages 2 and up. The current discounted price we were charged was $8.31 for winter admission though the sign we saw when attending the birthday party said $9. Children under 2 get in for less $5.

Jump ‘N Climb
201 University Oaks Suite 1280 (I35 Exit #256 next to IKEA, behind Steak ‘n Shake)
Round Rock, TX 78681
(512) 425-0762


19 Responses to “Jump ‘N Climb, indoor playground (CLOSED)”
  1. I just took my 3 yr old kiddo here on Thursday evening :) She had a blast!

  2. I was hoping a new option for indoor play would crop up, can’t wait to try this place!

  3. Looks cute but at that price I doubt we’ll see it any time soon.

  4. $11 is a little pricey for a kids jumping place. And the price of the parties…what!

  5. It is right down the street from our house but I will not go at that price. Sometimes they offer a reduced price for our playgroup though. I think I will stick to Hoppin Hippo :)

  6. Are they owned by Disney? At those admission prices, they must be.

  7. WAY TOO pricey for my 2 kids…and no outdoor snacks ?? Good luck Jump-N-Climb…

  8. I visited their location two weeks ago when searching for a party location for our soon-to-be 6 yo. I was honestly about to book his party there until I read their policy about having to share their one (1) party room w/another birthday party in my allotted 45 minutes. Deal breaker!

  9. It looks like a great place to play, but I agree-too pricey! And the food policy stinks, too. They really should look at lowering the price, and then maybe people will be more apt to deal with the food policy. Otherwise, I don’t see them making it.

  10. Ashley says:

    They allow food durring the weekdays now Tuesdays – Friday and changed the policy on having to share the birthday area with other parties. Only one party at a time in the party area.

  11. Julia says:

    Thank you for the update.

  12. Suzanne says:

    I took my 2 1/2 year old daughter there this afternoon and she had fun although I felt like it wasn’t quite worth the price and we only paid $5. There is only one large inflatable and it is so incredibly slippery that none of the kids could climb up the parts that were supposed to be climb-able. And not just my little one, there were older kids struggling too. So basically the only thing that my daughter could really do was play in the ball pit. It wasn’t very crowded when we went so storing our stuff wasn’t a huge issue but they don’t have cubbies or any area to stash your bag and coats and you are left to just find a free bench. It just didn’t seem well planned or thought out.

  13. Alice says:

    I brought my 4 year old Chase a week ago. He loved the place, and the staff is very kid friendly! They made sure my son had a blast. There’s even wireless internet, and they have a TV now too. I’ll be sure to take him back next weekend, he can’t stop talking about it!…They also mentioned that they will be starting monthly and tri-monthly memberships in March!

    (Five Stars for the place!)

  14. janice says:

    I visited jump n climb yesterday and found that they have new admission prices that are permanent and not just for winter. Their new price is $9 dollars which is a lot better than the $11 they were originally charging. I was also given a frequent jumper card when i took my daughter. After you get 5 stamps on it you receive 1 free admission. They allowed me to bring in my own food since it was durring the week. They said on the weekends they dont allow outside food. Anyways, Candice had a wonderful time and one of the members from the staff played with her and she had such a fun time i could barely get her to leave! We will defiantly be back. Oh yeah one last thing, i saw someone say there was no where to put your stuff but there is! They have these neat little hanger things with pouches on them to put your shoes in, and since its a hanger you can put your jacket on it too!

  15. Kristi says:

    I currently work at Jump N’ Climb. I could probably clear up a few questions/concerns. As far the price, it is currently $9 for kids ages 3 & up and $5 for kids 2 & under. Once you buy a(n) wristband/admission, you can play for the whole day, meaning you and your child can leave and come back at a later time in the day. The party room is only reserved for one party at a time for 45 minutes where food, cake, and possibly presents will take place. We do have “Frequent Jumper Cards” which allow customers to get a free admission after getting five stamps (each stamp represents an admission bought). We do offer free wi-fi and have a cafeteria that serves some food items (pizza, hot dogs, chips & salsa, sodas, juices, and more). The kids can put their shoes and other small belongings in designated hangers with numbers on them. Socks are required for sanitary reasons although it does make it slippery. Overall, we are very clean and friendly to all those who come into Jump N Climb.


  16. Julia says:

    Thank you for the clarification. Our kids have a wonderful time at Jump ‘n Climb, and we have been there several times.

  17. Kristi says:

    As of April 2010, the new hours are as follows:

    Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED
    Wednesday – Friday: 12pm – 7pm
    Saturday: 11am – 8pm
    Sunday: 11am – 6pm

    We also have a new and more current website:

  18. Jules Gallaty says:

    I know your review is older, but you might want to update / pull it from your list – as unfortunately its closed down for business :(

    We’re new to Austin and I found your great site and love it. I took note of the recommended / reviewed indoor play areas for toddlers as its really hot here for my 15mo old and we were wanting something to do indoors on hot afternoons.

    This place looked awesome for toddlers because it had separate age appropriate soft play areas.

    We drove there today (even looked it up on the net to be sure of hours, their site is still up. It was closed, and the space is for lease. Boo. :(

    Is there another place similar to this that’s great for toddlers, under 2?

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