Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zero Degrees Ice Cream Creations

We stopped at Zero Degrees ice cream parlor after dinner at Momiji because the kids were exceptionally well behaved during dinner.  My daughter has already declared that she wants to bring her friends to Zero Degrees for her next birthday. I think she was mesmerized by all the bright colors.  Zero Degrees occupies the space that was formerly the Cold Stone Creamery, at the corner of Lakeline Blvd and 183.

This is what I mean by the

Though the ice cream flavors are less adventurous than at Amy’s, Zero Degrees’ ice cream is still delicious and homemade to boot.  For lack of better words, the ice cream is almost “chewy,” like it has more guar gum and has been pulled like taffy for elasticity.  That totally does not sound appealing I am sure, but the ice cream really is great.  It is smooth, creamy, soft, but elastic is the word that keeps coming to my mind.  The ice cream at Amy’s, Marble Slab, and other places that add crushins’ require ice cream to be worked a bit by hand, and the result is something that is “chewier” than say ice cream that has been hand scooped at Baskin Robbins.  Though you get one crushed topping per order at Zero Degrees, their ice cream just seems to have a more pliable base that just gets more so after working in the topping.  You just have to taste it to understand what I am trying to describe.

My kids were happy on their sugar high for an hour afterwards.

Zero Degrees has most of the standard candy, nuts, and cookie toppings.  They also make custom ice cream cakes and have ready-made ones available in the freezer case.

Zero Degrees Ice Cream Parlor
11301 Lakeline Blvd
Austin, TX 78717
(512) 401-9376




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