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Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee spot

sidewalk art

sidewalk art

I just had a feeling that Cupprimo cupcake bakery was going to be good when my kid noticed the chalk drawing on the sidewalk.  If you’re going to bandwagon and bake cupcakes like (practically) every bakery after the Sprinkles phenomenon, you might as well be cool about it.  Who doesn’t love a nod to Eric Carle?

From a Twitter stream, I saw that Cupprimo Cupcakery and Coffee spot was running an incredible cupcake special this past Friday, buy 6 get 6 cupcakes for free.  The coupon was linked through, and I was surprised to see even better deals earlier in the week like buy 2 get 4 free.  My preschooler was poking around the refrigerator for a snack and seeing as how Father’s Day began for us on Friday, I threw some shoes on the kids, Google mapped the cupcakery, printed the coupon, and off we went to grab some goodies for hubby and the kiddos.

Cupprimo is in the old shopping strip down from Asia Market that we frequent to pick up Pocky and other Asian groceries and take out food from Asia Cafe (by the way, the most authentic Szechuan restaurant in town that is in the back of the supermarket).  This shopping center is at the corner of 183 & Spicewood Springs, the turn off to Tanglewood Park that we visit quite often.  How we have missed Cupprimo’s in the past is beyond me.



We followed the sweet scent into the store, and there before us was a small refrigerated case of regular sized cupcakes and mini-bite size cupcakes.  Cupcake heaven.

“Do you have red velvet?” I asked the lady behind the counter.  She said, “We only sell them on Thursday.”  Say what?  No red velvet every day?  I was crestfallen, but my disappointment was soon forgotten with the urgent pointing and shouting from down near my knees of my preschooler crouched and face pressed up against the cupcake case.  “I need the strawberry one, please!” with emphasis on the word need like she is never fed food.

With the BOGO coupon, we grabbed 2 chocolate Elvis (peanut butter, banana, chocolate), 2 vanilla, 2 double chocolate, 2 margarita (like key lime), 2 chocolate raspberry, 1 black & white, and 1 strawberry.  Cupcakes here are $2.50 a piece, but with the coupon, each one came to a buck and some change.  Nice.  At this point, it had not occurred to me what we would do with 12 cupcakes.

With a phone call to my sister to bring her crew over and packing duplicates in my preschooler’s bike basket to deliver to her friends down the street, we were able to share the cupcake love.

I was pleasantly surprised that the cake itself was not terribly sweet, all the better if I am letting my kids indulge in some baked goods.  My daughter devoured the cupcake in no time flat without the icing.  The strawberry fiend that she is, she especially liked finding bits of actual strawberry in the cake.  

The texture of the cupcakes was more dense, almost cornbread muffin like but not crumbly, so I knew that these were scratch made and not doctored from a mix.   I like my cakes just a bit toothier.  Oh, they were tasty.  Dare I say it? (whisper) I liked it better than Hey Cupcake.  *duck from flying cupcake*  The cupcakes are less oily so in my mind, healthier.  They are still plenty moist.  Don’t get me wrong;  I really like Hey Cupcake.   The Cupprimo cupcakes are smaller (not as small as the cupcakes at the place in Lakeline Mall), just the right size, unlike so many bakeries that sell bigger is better cupcakes.

The group of us sampled a bite from each flavor, and the verdict…nom nom.  The raspberry chocolate was probably my favorite of the lot with the raspberry filling, and the chocolate Elvis tasted like a cupcake version of chocolate banana bread.  That’s a good thing in my book.  The 1 year old was happy to get any crumbs, though he pointed at the vanilla one for more.

I would have let my kids sample the goodies at the cupcake cafe without making them suffer through a car ride home with cupcakes so close and yet so far, but there were four guys there working on their laptops.   I did not want my children’s exuberance to get in the way of the thinking, fueled with coffee and cupcake.  Ahh…real men eat cupcakes too.  

So on that note, Happy Father’s Day!  Stop in at Cupprimo and grab dad a cupcake (and some coffee).  They are open on Sunday.  Just overlook the potholes in the parking and older shopping center façade.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  We all were.  (We’re still savoring the two left in the refrigerator.)

Cupprimo Cupcakery & Coffee spot
8650 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 105
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 335-7746


Savor these divine treats with your eyes.



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  1. Nancy Torres says:

    Cupprimo cupcakes!! Two thumbs up! My husband and I both are cupcake fans! They are just enough sweet that it is a treat for us. Cupprimo Cupcakery is right beside Liberty Pharmacy where we get our prescriptions filled so we stop there and grab a cupcake. The staff there is always so nice and they have never failed on their recommendations for trying the different types of cupcakes. Amy the owner is such a nice person and stops to talk to her guests. We have tried other cupcake places and let me tell you the other guys do not measure up! Try them you will enjoy the freshness and the flavor. My favorite so far is the chai cupcake. Freaking AWESOME!

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