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CLOSED – Rock-a-Bye Baby & Kids

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This by far is my favorite place to consign and to buy gently used kids clothing in town. I find that the merchandise at Rock-a-Bye Baby is a good mix of boutique and big-box store labels, but the common denominator is that all the clothes are like-new and of great quality. I can’t say that is true for all the consignment stores in town. Some feel dingier to me than others, but Rock-a-Bye is brightly lit with rows of immaculately arranged clothes.

There is a separate room in the back of the store with some maternity and miscellaneous nursery-decor, and in front of the children’s play room there are some baby toys. The play area has a door! If you have a wee one who gets bored easily and tries to run amuck in the store (or out the store) as you shop, then that door feature is perfect. The play area isn’t just a penned off space, but it is an actual built room with a play kitchen, activity table, and sometimes a playhouse.
There is also a clean bathroom for customer use, but you have to ask for a key.

If you’re looking to buy toys, I’d say to try a different consignment store. The strength of this consignment is its quality of clothing.  They don’t have as much clothes as Once Upon a Child though.

How to consign: I would suggest making an appointment. You need to have your clothes freshly laundered but not ironed. The owner explained to me that ironing knit cottons does something funny to it, and she would prefer to steam wrinkles out to keep the fabric soft and in better condition. Lay the clothes flat in a plastic bin labeled with your name and contact phone. If you make an appointment, the owner will sort through the clothes and pay you (or give you store credit) on the spot. After you have consigned once, you can drop off a bin of clothes (again labeled), and she’ll call you when she is done going through the things. She takes all brands, but the owner did mention that typically not Gerber except maybe the organic line.

I have found that it is not worth my time to bring in anything white or off-white unless the outfit is absolutely PRISTINE (re: new with tags, and even that is no guarantee) because chances are the owner will spot some flaw that would have taken you a magnifying glass to find. She has an eagle eye! Usually she’ll find the flaws around the collar and sleeves.  As for consigning kid shoes, I spent more money buying shoe-cleaner than I got resale money for selling the shoes.  The shoes that were in mint condition with a box, the owner took, and she did tell me that if I cleaned the soles of a couple of pairs that I had brought in, she would take them.

The owner is not super-chatty, but she is friendly and honest. That’s all that matters to me.

Payout: You get 40% of what she would resell the clothes, or if you prefer store credit, it is 50% of the total resale value.

Rock-a-Bye Baby and Kids
10740 Research Blvd (on southbound 183 side, near Braker Ln)
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 231-0166

Monday-Saturday (10:30 am – 5:30 pm)

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  1. selina says:

    This consignment store is closed. Our family was sad to see this Austin business close.

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